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Crazy Fitness Trends that Actually Work

April Fools’? Crazy Fitness Trends That Actually Work!  By

April Fools’? Crazy Fitness Trends That Actually Work!

The fitness scene is no stranger to unusual methods and group class trends. Over the years, hundreds of seemingly ridiculous or extremely tough fitness trends have popped up. Some, like Aerial Yoga, are here to stay while others, like Prancercise, will forever live in 2013. Though some of these fitness trends and group classes seem like a joke, many of them actually work. If you’re willing to give some of these funny ideas a try, you can get great results.

weird fitness trends that work

Indoor Surfing It’s all the fun of surfing without the potential face plants into the ocean! Indoor surfing classes use a board to help improve balance and strengthen your core. Instructors draw on yoga movements to help you find your center on the board, and from there they add in intense cardio bursts to get your heart rate up. Overall, you can get a great, well-rounded workout without having to get your hair wet!

Skipping Have you seen groups of adult men and women skipping around your neighborhood? It’s hard to miss. Though skipping has been a “kids activity” for years, many adults are now incorporating skipping into their exercise routine. Skipping is a great cardio activity similar to running. Like running, skipping takes a great deal of balance and practice to get just right. If you’re looking for a fun alternative to running, try it out. Even if it’s not for you, you might get a few laughs from trying.

Video Games Addictive video games are often blamed for creating sedentary lifestyles, so a few years ago gamemakers set out to change this stereotype by creating games like Wii Fit, Just Dance, and Wii Sports. While the idea of a video game workout is funny to some, these games are great at getting kids off the couch and on their feet. Games like Just Dance let kids dance to popular songs with their friends. The best part is, the sweat starts within minutes of playing. These games are great for groups and let everyone get involved in the fun.

Running Backwards This sounds like a pretty terrible idea, especially if you live in an urban environment with cars, trucks, and other hazards on your running path. However, some research suggests that running backward uses more energy than regular running. Your brain also gets a nice workout as you try not to run into anything. If you’re up for the challenge and can find a safe space to run, give backwards running a try. We’ll try not to laugh if we see you run by.

Mommy & Me Classes No childcare? No problem. New moms are encouraged to bring their babies to “baby boot camp” classes. This new fitness trend is popping up across the country and allows moms and babies an extra chance to bond while mom gets a great workout! These classes actually use the baby as an exercise tool. If you like the idea of incorporating your child into your workout, you are rewarded with the cutest weights ever.

Those are our favorite fitness trends currently going strong. Do you know of any crazy fitness trends that actually work? Tell us in the comments or tag us (@HollowaySportswear) on Twitter and Instagram.

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