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Drills for Becoming a Better Baseball Player

Drills for Becoming a Better Baseball Player  By

Drills for Becoming a Better Baseball Player

As summer comes to a close, it’s time to savor the tail end of baseball season. The fall weather is approaching, the leaves are changing, and you are not ready to give up on your game. To get the most out of your season, Holloway shares these baseball drills that will keep your game at its best.

baseball drills

Get out your goggles. This drill is not only going to help your swing, but it’ll keep you cool in the heat. Grab an old bat and jump in a pool or lake where you can easily touch the ground. Your job is to swing the bat just like you would if you were at the diamond. The water resistance will exaggerate every working muscle and encourage body awareness. When you swing a bat, your body is using muscles that you probably don’t even realize. This drill will promote stability in your abs, legs, arms, forearms as well as wrist. So jump on in and get your bat swinging.

Quarterback drill. Here we’ve got two worlds colliding – football and baseball. The point of this drill is to get the outfielders comfortable with tracking fly balls and making sure they keep their eye on the line of the ball. Sometimes, especially in younger players, there is a desire to turn their heads in the direction they’re running and this drill addresses that. The player will face the thrower, and start running towards the “outfield”. The thrower will then point in a direction, let the player run, point the opposite direction, and continue until finally throwing the ball towards the player. This allows the player to keep their eyes on the ball so they know where it’s going.

Long toss. This is a pitching drill to protect the shoulder and maximize effort without strain. Especially popular in younger athletes so their shoulders are not damaged, it is a great way to practice pitching – off the mound. Instead of taking time to rest after a hard pitching practice, this drill can be done more often in order to sustain strength and movement. The player simply throws the ball as far as they can at a 45 degree angle. By throwing at an angle, their arm is capable of relaxing and there is less stress on their shoulder. Distance and velocity gradually grow and your player is protected from injury.

When it comes down to it, getting your hands on the baseball is the most efficient way to practice. Repetition can be the most beneficial exercise. Throw the ball back and forth every day. Move between different distances and become more comfortable with every pitch and pass. Find two buddies and bat frequently. One of you can pitch, one of you can hit, and one can scour the outfield for the ball. No matter what technique you use, repetition will be the best option. Get out there this fall, and let these tips from Holloway give you the boost you need to finish this baseball season strong.

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