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Fighting Fatigue Before, During & After Workouts | Holloway Sportswear

Fighting Fatigue Before, During & After Workouts  By

Fighting Fatigue Before, During & After Workouts

Not every visit to the gym, exercise class or outdoor practice is going to go as planned. Sometimes you may feel you’re lacking energy and struggling to find the motivation not to skip your workout that day. If this sounds familiar, you could be experiencing fatigue. There are many reasons you can feel fatigued before, during and after a workout. Whether it’s mental or physical fatigue, your overall health is extremely important. Below are some possible causes and solutions to fatigue. 

fighting fatigue


Dehydration: Inadequate water consumption seriously hinders your body’s ability to function properly. Without water, your muscles decline in flexibility, therefore you run a higher risk of injury. Stay hydrated and healthy by being cautious about drinking enough water. When you’re working out, you sweat and you need to replenish your system. Some people prefer to drink coconut water or a sports drink during and after workouts. Consider trying these options as well


Lack of Nutrients: If you aren’t eating right, you are not giving your body the nutrients it needs to function normally, much less handle intensive workouts. Exercise requires a vast amount of energy and work from your body. Eat before and after exercising. Timing your meals and eating right is half the battle to change your lifestyle for the better and avoid fatigue. Cut out processed foods and sugar loaded drinks like soda. Soda pop can cause cramping in your muscles during intense workouts.


Change in Atmosphere: If you are changing from indoor gyms to workouts outside or vice versa, you may experience some push-back. Changes from indoors to outdoors bring in new obstacles and elements like weather, wind speed and self-monitoring. Learn to pace yourself and set an adjustment period to transition into your new workout environment. Let your body get acclimated and comfortable.


Over Doing It: Pushing your body way past its limit without proper resting periods leads to fatigue and injuries. There is a difference between overcoming plateaus, reaching for your next goal and just over doing it. We recommend that you take breaks as needed. It’s alright to stop and take a breath. This gives your body a chance to recuperate before getting back to work. If your muscles are extremely sore the day after a big workout, chances are you pushed yourself a little too hard. Allow your body time to recover before working out again.


Mental State of Mind: Many things can impact your willingness and motivation to keep going. If you’re feeling doubtful, think of motivation over matter. Dig deep and think of what really drives you, what you want to accomplish and how you’re going to get there. When your mind isn’t in the right place, your body won’t be either. If you need it, allow yourself time to get your head right and then get back into it. It’s going to be tough sometimes, but each time you achieve a goal, it’ll be worth so much more.


Fatigue can be an issue for anyone, but we hope these tips will be useful for you or perhaps someone you know. Feel free to share this with others and let us know how you fight fatigue by commenting below!

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