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Indoor Rock Climbing | Holloway Sportswear

Indoor Rock Climbing  By

Indoor Rock Climbing

If you haven’t tried rock climbing before, there’s no time like the present. Rock climbing offers a great full body workout outside of your traditional gym routine. There are different levels of indoor rock climbing that allow one to excel and climb the ladder of difficulty. In return, plateaus are able to be broken easily by tackling harder climbing structures.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a great sport to try out because it is accessible for a wide range of ages.

Typically there are three types of rock climbing in the gym.

Bouldering: This is when a climber doesn’t use a rope or harness. It’s a shorter climb and allows climbers to train for free climbing outdoors. If a climber falls, they fall to a mat below them on the ground.

Top Roping: This is when the rope is attached to the top of the wall and a bilayer supports the climber on the ground. This allows the climber to fall in place rather than the ground should they lose their grip.

Lead Climbing: Otherwise known as sport roping. A rope is tied to you and as you climb up the wall, you clip in your rope to clips drilled into the wall. If you fall, you fall to the last clip you made.

Rock climbing works more than your arms or legs. When applying different techniques, it becomes a full body workout that will leave you sweating in no time. Whether you are training to compete or just to reach the next level, rock climbing can be vigorous. If you want to build your strength, combine different types of training with rock climbing and see how far you can get in the sport.

For more about rock climbing, check out this introductory video. Or visit Indoorclimbing.com for more information.

Holloway offers a variety of workout apparel. Order your new workout outfit here and look great on your next trip to an indoor rock climbing facility!

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