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It’s Spring! Time to Take Your Workout Outdoors | Holloway Sportswear

It’s Spring! Time to Take Your Workout Outdoors  By

It’s Spring! Time to Take Your Workout Outdoors

The winter blues are finally starting to fade as temperatures rise across the country, and athletes everywhere are rejoicing that they’re no longer isolated to indoor workouts – or awfully cold conditions. While dedicated gym-goers may balk at mixing up their routine with outdoor exercise, the benefits of outdoor workouts can greatly outweigh the convenience of your trusty treadmill. Getting outside can boost your mood, your calorie burn, your workout length and your wallet – since you aren’t spending your hard earned money on a gym membership.

best outdoor workouts

Try some of these Holloway Sportswear approved outdoor workouts to kick off the start of spring, and shake your winter woes off for good.


Hitting the Trails

No matter what speed – or what equipment – you’re using, hitting the nature trails allows you to enjoy the natural beauty of spring while getting in a workout you enjoy. Walk, hike, run, bike – or even take your dog for a trip! Feel like doing more than cardio? Switch up your journey by doing strength training on the side. Try running or walking for 3 to 5 minutes, and then mix in some body weight workouts, such as push-ups, planks or lunges.


Group Sports

Team sports are a great way to burn calories while having a fun time with friends. And if you’re having fun, you won’t notice how long or how hard you’re working out – meaning it will be more intense than if you stick to your gym routine. In addition, fresh air and vitamin D is a serious mood booster. Try some of our favorite springtime sports: sand volleyball, softball or baseball, soccer, and basketball. Looking for an activity that doesn’t require a big group? Try playing Frisbee or tennis.


Water Activities

Whether you’re hitting the pool or going out on the lake, water activities can keep you cool and active. While it may be a little early for some pools to open, hitting the open water is the perfect way to enjoy a beautiful day. From stand-up paddle boarding to kayaking, water workouts can engage your muscles in a whole new way. Stand-up paddle boarding requires almost all your muscles and is low impact. Maintaining your balance keeps your legs and core working hard, while your arms, back and shoulders focus on propelling yourself forward.


Picking an outdoor exercise that you enjoy is important to getting the most out of your workout. Fresh air and sunshine are definite mood improvers, but don’t try an activity that you dislike or you’re not prepared for. Remember to take any necessary precautions before trying a new workout, and shop Holloway Sportswear for any athletic wear needs.

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