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Stay Fit With Adult Sports Leagues | Holloway Sportswear

Stay Fit With Adult Sports Leagues  By

Stay Fit With Adult Sports Leagues

Adult sports leagues are made up of regular people throughout the country (and world) who get together every week and play team sports. Think of your company’s softball team, only these folks are also friends, family members or even complete strangers who use these games as a chance to get outside, and sometimes go grab a drink. While the competition matters, what matters more is the matching t-shirts you’re wearing and the time you spend with the members of your team. It’s why they’ve earned the moniker, “social sports.”

adult sports league

These teams are usually made up of 20-30 somethings, and the games often take place after work on the weekdays, and throughout the weekends. Besides softball, games can include anything from dodgeball and kickball, to ping pong and bags (or cornhole). There’s also touch-football, soccer, ultimate Frisbee – and pretty much every other social sport you can think of.

So – are you ready to get in the game?


How to Find a Sports League in Your Area

There are national leagues that have chapters in major cities across the country, like ZogSports, and they offer a wide range of different games to play. They also donate a lot of their proceeds to charity, so you’d be playing for a great cause. There’s also Sports Monster, which will actually help connect bars with teams looking for sponsorship. Another national league that features social sports is WAKA, who started out offering kickball but now offers a wide range of out-there social games like giant jenga and glow in the dark kickball. They even hold weekend summer camps for adults to get away and play.

If you’re looking for something a little closer to home, many of the sports complexes in your city will put together leagues of their own. Want something a little more traditional? Organizations like the YMCA have team sports such as hockey, tennis, and golf.

Now that you know where to go, how do you get started?


How to Join a Sports League

Getting started in a sports league is actually pretty easy. You have a couple of options in signing up, and those include:


Signing Up as a Team

Gathering friends, family and coworkers who will commit to a few days out of each month to the team is the hardest part of getting involved in social sports. It helps that a lot of these sports are centered on a post-game happy hour that is often times heavily discounted (or free, if you have a bar sponsor).

The number of people needed for a team depends on the sport you want to play. For some games like bags or ping-pong, you only need two. For others like dodgeball or kickball, you need at least 6. Keep in mind there is typically a gender ratio for the more athletic games. Also, a lot of these leagues have a minimum age requirement of at least 19, and sometimes 21.

Once you get your team together, it’s as simple as picking your league, signing up, and collecting and paying fees. For the larger leagues like Sports Monster, you usually have to first register for membership and create a team profile. Sign up is typically offered online, just visit the website and get started from there. The league will provide your game schedule and teams you’re playing against.

For local sports complex leagues, give them a call to determine what their individual process it, as it varies from place to place.


Signing Up Individually

You don’t need to have a team to get in the game. It’s quick and easy to sign up as an individual with sports leagues. Just register for membership, pay the fees, choose your sports interests, and they’ll match you up with other individuals or teams that need additional players. It’s a great way to meet new people, especially if you’ve just moved to an area.

Many local sports complex leagues do require a team to be in place prior to signing up. Because of this, you might be better off going with a national social sports league like ZogSports or WAKA.

Now that you know the what, where and how, all you have left to do is get your gear. Check out all the active wear Holloway offers, both for you and your team!

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