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The Next Best Thing to a Personal Trainer | Holloway Sportswear

The Next Best Thing to a Personal Trainer  By

The Next Best Thing to a Personal Trainer

Here at Holloway Sportswear, we know all too well the benefits of having a personal trainer to help guide us, encourage us and teach us all the tricks of the fitness trade. For many, trainers are worth the cost, as it keeps them on the top of their game – and many times it means they’ll have a workout buddy for their next gym night.

But trainers can get very expensive, and sometimes hiring one on top of paying gym fees is just not doable for our ever-tightening budgets. This is especially true if you’re trying to get back in shape for impending nuptials or post-baby, when costs are already running high.

With the plethora of information on the internet, it can be a great resource for creating and sticking with a workout regimen – yet misinformation runs rampant. Holloway has put together the next best thing to a personal trainer: a guide of free or inexpensive resources that are all inclusive to a healthy lifestyle, including workouts, nutrition, tracking and motivation.

online trainers and training apps



This free resource is an informational site run by volunteer fitness enthusiasts and experts who believe, “…fitness is not a privilege, it should be made this accessible for everyone – not just people who can pay for it.”

They share information on suggested workouts, nutrition, meal plans, and more. They offer challenges and even provide motivational support. What makes this website so great, is that they offer visual infographics for working out, diet plans, and more – and also provide bite-size to lengthy articles to help explain everything. They’re also knowledgable about what workouts and meal plans are best for what body type.

The visual aspect of this website appeals to us because it takes the place of a person showing you workouts step-by-step. It also offers a wide variety of programs to keep your workout interesting. Their helpful guide provides very good information on creating a solid plan for you and your needs.


Reddit Fitness

We love Reddit Fitness because you’ll get real information from real people – people just like you, who are in all stages of transforming their lives. With such a wide variety of people on this site, you’re sure to find the perfect routine for you.

Because there is so much information within Reddit Fitness, they offer a helpful guide on the side of the main screen that gets you started. It’s a map of sorts, that helps you easily find workouts, recipes, and personal stories. It’s definitely not as visually stimulating as Darebee, but without a doubt it will lead you to the information needed to build your knowledge base.



Their tagline is “A personal trainer in your pocket” and it can’t be any clearer than that. This phone app has different level plans that you pay for each month, and it gives you access to your own virtual (but real) personal trainer. You’ll select your coach, have a video call with them and they’ll set up a tailored plan that you both can track. They’ll even create diet plans that will help you meet your goals. This app works best for those who have access to gym equipment and more time for workouts.

While it isn’t free (plans start at $40/month), you are getting access to invaluable information that is unique to you, without paying the premium of a personal trainer. And their coaches are guaranteed experts. The best part? If it doesn’t work for you, you can cancel your subscription anytime, no problem.



FitStar has a free version and a more in-depth version that costs $7.99/month. Both offer access to their well-known Freestyle sessions that offer a wide range of quick workout videos that require little to no gym equipment. They even paired up with FitBit to track your movements, and include an additional yoga option.

With the premium version, you’ll have access to coaches and nutritional information via email, and can tailor your workout to getting lean, strong, or choosing quick high intensity. The real highlight of this app is the ability to use it at home, on the go or even when you’re away, and with it only being under eight bucks a months, you can easily afford a less expensive gym membership to really up the ante.


Like we said, there’s a large amount of other options and information online, but these will give you a solid starting point to increase your knowledge base, get motivated and learn what the best routines are for your body and mind. When you’re ready to get in the game, Holloway Sportswear has all the gear you need to feel your best – and stand up to the sweat.

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