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Work Out with Rings

There are a lot of machines and equipment you can use and try out in gyms. Are you familiar with the hanging rings you usually see gymnasts use? Well, you can incorporate the rings into your routine as well. Exercises done on the rings target your arms and incorporate the rest of your body through different moves and positions. Check out some of these exercises below!

ring workout

Support: This is the most basic position done on the rings. You should learn this position, “before progressing onto more advanced exercises.” To get into this position, you want to hold a ring in each hand and lift your entire body up and off the ground. You want to hold yourself up with your arms straight and to the side of your body. Your feet should not be touching the ground and your hands should be on the inside of the straps.

Push-up: Basically, instead of using the ground during a normal push-up, you are going to put your hands in the rings. Plant your feet on the ground and make sure your arms are on the inside of the rings and straps. Do 15-20 push-ups, rest and do another set. Try changing the lengths of the straps to alter the level of difficulty of your push-ups. The lower the rings are, the harder the exercise.

Chest to Knee: This position is the easier version of an L-Sit. In an L-sit, you get into a support position and lift both legs up together at a 90-degree angle thus creating an L-shape. For the chest to knee, you simply go into a support position and pull your knees up to your chest and hold, and then go back into support. You can repeat this move about 10 times to get a good burn going.

Muscle-Up: This exercise goes beyond your basic chin-up. For this exercise, the straps should be holding the rings above your head so when you grip the rings, your body is fully extended and your feet aren’t touching the ground. Grip the rings on the outside of the straps. Then, start to lift yourself up. As you do, twist the rings as you come into the support position. Your hands should be on the inside of the straps now. Finally, come back down to the hanging position. Try incorporating 15 muscle-ups into your next workout.

Ring Dip: You are going to start in the support position. Then, bending your elbows, lower yourself until your arms are at a 90-degree angle. Keep your legs together and straight. Then come back up to the support position. These dips are harder than the ones you do using a bar or stair because you are lifting your entire body without having your feet on the ground. Try doing 10 of these and see how they work for you.

Ring Rollout: First, you want to lower your rings to about a foot off the ground. Then, you’re going to get into a push-up position. Holding the rings at shoulder width apart, slowly push your body forward. Extend your arms and torso out and come back to your starting push-up position. For added difficulty, hold your body position when you are fully extended. Do 10 of these ring rollouts and you’ll feel the burn for sure.

We hope you enjoyed reading about these ring exercises and give them a try the next time you’re at the gym! You can purchase your own rings and straps in stores and take them home or to the park and work out there. Let us know what you think about using the rings by commenting below!

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